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Annual Convention

THAA 2017 Silent Auction

Each year at the convention, the association conducts a silent auction to raise money for the THAA general operating fund to defray expenses incurred in the association's government affairs program. This is your chance to make bargain purchases and unbelievable deals on the latest hearing instruments and supplies from the top manufacturers and suppliers in the business.

Take those purchases you will make in your regular course of business and turn them into your best business decision of the year. The resale of your silent auction items can easily pay for all of your expenses to attend the convention. Don’t miss your chance to make money and support THAA at the same time.

How Do I Bid?
It’s easy to participate and win! Simply review the silent auction items on display and bid as many times as you like. The highest bidder at the close of the auction on Saturday will be declared the winner. Bidding is open to all convention registrants. Auction hours are all day Friday and all day Saturday until 1:00 pm. Winners are announced shortly after the close of the auction.

Bidding and Payment Procedures?
After the convention, winners will receive an email from THAA containing information on who to contact to obtain direct shipment of your auction item. The email will also contain an invoice for your purchase price. Payment is due by August 15. All bids are final. No refunds will be issued.

2017 Auction Items To Date

Item #1
One Binaural Set of ReSound Linx3 D Hearing Instruments

Item #2
One Binaural Set of Starkey Halo 2 i2400
13 or 312 RIC

Item #3
One Binaural Set of Starkey Muse i2400
mRIC, mini BTE, or BTE
Item #4
One Binaural Set of Audibel Platinum A4i Hearing Instruments

Item #5
One Rayovac Electronics Tote Bag
full of Rayovac electronic items for the whole family

Item #6
One Brookstone Big Blue Live2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Item #7
One Certificate of Registration For
66th Annual IHS Convention & Expo
Sept. 14-16, 2017
Atlanta, GA

Item #8 - Oticon
One Oticon Opn 1 Hearing device with TV Adapter 3.0 — Remote Control 3.0 — and one Fittinglink 3.0 wireless programmer (includes cradle and programming dongle for Opn products only)
Item #9
One Binaural Set of Emerald 80 TruCore Hearing Aids

Item #10
One Binaural Set of Beltone Trust 17
Hearing Aids

Item #11
One Binaural Set of Beltone Trust 17
Hearing Aids
Item #12
One Binaural Set of Audina Intuition 6 Hearing Instruments - Custom CIC-FSS
Item #13
Harry & David Supreme Meat & Cheese Gift Box