representing the licensed hearing aid dispensers of Texas
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Membership Benefits & Services

Your THAA membership includes the latest, most comprehensive benefit package found in any professional association in the country. A state-of-the-art information system, professional representation in government affairs, free online continuing education, access to a network of industry professionals, public exposure of your practice to the hearing impaired, and professional recognition, are the cornerstones of THAA membership. As a member, you will receive all of the following benefits and services for only $165 per year.

Professional & Industry Information - Instantly!Member Benefits
Your membership gives you access to one of the most sophisticated, lightening fast information systems in the country. The first component is the THAA UPDATE - an e-newsletter system that keeps you continuously up-to-date on the Texas Legislature, the State Licensing Committee, Medicaid hearing aid regulations and reimbursement rates, association meetings and functions, THAA Board actions, new online CE programs, and much more. If it affects you, the THAA UPDATE will send the facts straight to your inbox the moment they happen.

Then, our new web site provides the in-depth information you need to remain knowledgeable about the hearing aid industry and your profession. Four full sections of this web site are devoted to detailed information and analysis about industry issues, State Licensing Committee actions, legislation affecting your practice, and the state's Medicaid hearing aid program. In addition, the site provides access to all association information and, of course, 10 hours of online continuing education free of charge. It's simply the most comprehensive information system of any professional association in the country.

Member BenefitsGovernment Affairs Representation
Most of your membership dues go to pay for professional representation of licensed dispensers before the Texas Legislature, the State Licensing Committee, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (Medicaid), and other state agencies that can affect the hearing aid industry and your practice. THAA maintains a full-time staff and lobby team in Austin who monitor and track all legislative and state regulatory proposals affecting your license, and coordinate efforts to advance the profession and protect members in the political arena.

As a member, you have access to this information through this web site and the THAA UPDATE e-newsletter. If there are changes in the law or the rules and regulations that affect the dispensing profession - you will be notified immediately and will have access to complete explanations of these actions and how they affect you.

THAA Online Continuing Education - Free-of-Charge!
Your THAA membership now includes 10 hours of online continuing education - free of charge - during your two-year license renewal period (the maximum number of online hours permitted by the State Licensing Committee). The new THAA Online Continuing Education section of this site allows you to choose your own CE courses from a wide range of professional video presentations and record completed courses to your Personal Tracking Report - a permanent record of the online and convention CE hours you have completed with THAA. You no longer have to keep track of any THAA CE certificates. And, If you are chosen for audit during your license renewal, the State Licensing Committee has agreed to accept a printed copy of your PTR as proof of the CE hours you completed during the previous two years. Simple, fast, and free to all THAA members.

Member BenefitsPublic Exposure To Your Practice
Finding a qualified licensed hearing instrument specialists is not an easy task for the hearing impaired. With this new site, THAA intends to solve that problem. In the very near future, the association will unveil a new public section within this site that will serve as a resource for the hearing impaired. The new module will explain hearing loss and the need to contact a licensed hearing aid specialist when purchasing a hearing instrument. Your listing in this new section will provide invaluable exposure to hearing impaired consumers who are seeking your professional services. As a member of the association, you will be able to advertise your practice with a personal message and photograph under your listing - putting you squarely in front of potential clients seeking your professional skills. Coming in 2014!

NetworkingMember Benefits
One very important reason for joining THAA is to meet other dispensers, manufacturers, and suppliers to build a professional network to support your practice. Networking will teach you more about your profession than any other educational tool available. THAA gives you the opportunity to meet others in the Texas hearing aid industry who can help you in your daily business. The association's annual convention, trade show, and other membership meetings are specifically designed to get members together to discuss mutual problems and solutions. The industry contacts you make through THAA will prove invaluable to your career as a hearing instrument specialist.

Member BenefitsProfessional Recognition
Membership in THAA includes a membership certificate to display in your office - free of charge. The professionally designed certificate verifies you are is a member of the only professional organization solely representing licensed hearing instrument specialists in the State of Texas. In addition, the association honors one of its members each year with the coveted THAA Dispenser of the Year Award. The award is given to the licensed dispenser who practices the highest standard of ethics when serving the hearing impaired of Texas.

All of these benefits are available to you for only $165 per year. Join today and begin enhancing your professional career as a member of the Texas Hearing Aid Association.